Rosanne van Klaveren: Towards Togetherness

Towards Togetherness. Artistic Participatory Practices to Overcome the Us-and-Them Dichotomy

Rosanne van Klaveren

  • Research Unit Inter-Actions
  • Research Group Social Spaces

Rosanne van Klaveren researches the artistic value, function and possibilities of narrative inquiry and participatory design for the locative media art. These methodologies from anthropology and design research are applied during the creation of an online platform and three interactive stories that focus on the changing lifestyle of indigenous Arctic peoples through a study of their food cultures. Food related experiences, recipes, news items and opinions are gathered, mapped, shared and discussed for and with these peoples on the online platform. The artist reflects the accumulated knowledge to her own food affairs in the interactive stories. Storytelling is used to communicate the food related issues vividly and sometimes metaphorically, while the topic of food underlines the physical aspect within the medial context. The differences between the approach and features of the platform and those of the stories provide a rich practice for researching the methodologies, valuable for both the arts and anthropology.

  • Supervisor: Patrick Devlieger
  • Co-Supervisor: Liesbeth Huybrechts
  • Duration: 2009-2015
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