Rosie & Moussa

How can we translate the absolute visual freedom of illustrations into a cinematic language which is connected with a given reality?

As a matter of principle, an illustrator is free do anything he/she likes in his/her drawings. In other words: without expensive techniques or digital effects, it is perfectly possible to create wild fantasies, impossible images, textures, colours in illustrations and so on. In a classic film (not animation) reality restricts these possibilities.

Illustrator Judith Vanistendael and filmdirector Dorothée van den Berghe collaborate in the adaptation of the  children’s books series about Rosie & Moussa into a movie. These books were written by Michael Decock and illustrated by Judith Vanistendael. The drawings are based on everyday life in Molenbeek, where the illustrator lives. The film will also be located in Molenbeek.

In this research project, the film director and illustrator will collaborate with risographer Axel Claes. The aim is to develop a specific type of cinematic imagery by bringing together photographs shot in Molenbeek and the illustrations of the children’s books, with risography functioning as a tranforming technique. Risography is a printing technique which is well known for its ample possibilities of playing with photographic images, textures and colours. The final result will be a 32 page magazine, displaying research, working process and final results.

Project leader: Judith Vanistendael (LUCA)
Researchers: Dorothée van den Berghe (LUCA) and Axel Claes (Chez Rosi)
Research Unit: Intermedia
Research Group: Narrative Arts
Duration: September 2016 - March 2017

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