Sébastien Conard: Beyond the Comic Strip

Beyond the Comic Strip. Reconceiving the Graphic Novel through Word, Image and Narrative in the Avant-Gardes

Sébastien Conard

  • Research Unit Image
  • Research Group Art & Argument

My research aims for a new interpretation of the graphic novel. I focus on the interactions between word and image and what they mean for the story. Does the image merely illustrate the narrative text? Or are the words rather subjected to a strong visual sequence? Do pictures and texts complete each other to secure the story? Or does the relation between word and image create a looser and more "poetic" narrative? Innovation in this specific field necessarily operates at the margins of conventional comics. In order to reconceive the links between the verbal, the visual and the narrative, a close study of other forms of graphic storytelling such as collage novels and typographic poetry from the historical avant-gardes is required. These concrete cases allow me to reflect on my own artistic practice, to question current codes and to experiment with new methods. The development of a theoretical frame in parallel to my artistic production generates a fresh approach to the graphic novel.

Supervisor: Sascha Bru
Co-Supervisors: Tom Van Imschoot and Olivier Deprez
Duration: 2010-15
E-mail: sebastien.conard@gmail.com
Website: http://sebastienconard.blogspot.be/

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