The shape of time: SHAPE19. Klaas Verpoest

  • Research unit Intermedia
  • Research group Mediated Environments

The Shape of Time: SHAPE19 is a formal research in which I further conceptualize and develop my own abstract generative visual language into a 'generative video instrument' as part of my doctoral research. This should enable me to write a very efficient and specific program that can serve as a platform with which I can create in real time and in relation to other performers and musicians, additionally this can lead to possible derivatives such as video installations.

Through setting up an expert team of theoretical physicists, this enables me to exchange ideas on a regular basis about the visual output of the various beta versions. In order to be able to capture this abstract generative visual language in both clear images and concepts. Subsequently, with this initiative I try to build a bridge between art and science within my doctoral research.

This project has a first finality in a concert to conclude the Strings2019 conference (13 July 2019) in Flagey - Brussels.

For more information about my doctoral research, please visit here.

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