The shape of time, a typographer’s score

The shape of time, a typographer’s score. A research on visual poetics in contemporary music, music improvisation and dance.

Klaas Verpoest.

  • Research unit: Intermedia
  • Research group: Mediated Environments

In my dissertation, I will research how different elements of poetry, text, dynamics, musicality and layout that we find in contemporary classical music and music improvisation can be visually translated into intangible carriers through kinetic typography. In my design practice, I aim to develop design research on visual poetry. The analysis and instrumentalization of the design process will lead to a better understanding of my design practice within contemporary classical music and will serve as a starting point for creating visual poetry in cross-disciplinary performances. In a first phase of the research, I will assess whether kinetic typography can lead to a symbiosis between the poetic scope of the poem and the duration of the contemporary classical composition that this poem is part of. In the second stage, I will analyse how the chronology, duration of narration and the specific layout of visual poetry relate to the musicality and dynamics of cross-disciplinary improvisation performances.

  • Promotor: Dr. Mark Delaere (KU Leuven)
  • Co-promotor: Dr. Steven Devleminck (LUCA)
  • Duration: 2017 - 2021
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