In this rapidly changing society, our traditional values are challenged and often lose their meaning; relationships, morality, money, and job markets - the speed of change is moving faster than ever.

People are nostalgic for a more traditional, simpler society but the truth is nobody has any real intention to return to one as we are far too seduced by the convenience and speed of this new digital world.

It seems everything is disposable, replaceable and reproducible - even humans are being replaced by AI and automation. People are fascinated but also scared; the growing phenomenon of NFT may represent our desire to ensure value remains in creating and experiencing something original, when a perfect copy costs nothing to make; people want to stamp items as unique - “non fungible“ - to represent the memory, event and other irreplaceable values, such as love and memory.

Non-fungible project is the start of these questions. Our mission is to demonstrate the irreplaceable values of the future and humanity.

Participating artists

#gardening crew, ernest thiesmeier, lieve kleeven, frederik aerts, dylan van roost with external artistsAna Paola, David Jonathan Romero,, Darren johnston, hallidonto, yaloo, stacie ant, kivanc tatar, avaloki t | 觀鳴, brunni corsato, ellie fawcett


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The Wrong Biennale

Celebrating digital culture since 2o13, the wrong is a collaborative effort harnessing the potential of the internet, shaped as a decentralized global art biennale & tv channel, open to participation, happening both online & offline, awarded with sois cultura 2o19 and ehrenerwähnung at s+t+arts 2o2o

Counting its viewership in the millions, The Wrong just might be the world’s largest art biennale — the digital world’s answer to Venice. 

The New York Times


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About LUCA.breakout

This project was realized with support from the #LUCAbreakout fund. LUCA School of Arts pools resources to support students, researchers, teachers and employees willing to put LUCA on the map. A central budget provides low-threshold support for well-defined initiatives.