Fri 31.03.2023, 20h - 22h
Sun 02.04.2023, 15h - 17h

LUCA School of Arts, campus Lemmens, Chamber music hall


This dazzling performance revolves around a group of girlfriends in the Vienna of 2023. Like a smooth waltz, their lives move at a fast pace between despair and mad love, between yesterday and today, between crying, laughing and... Vienna itself. Using the roughly 100-year-old music of Franz Lehar as a starting point, we look inside the emotional living room of these crazy and at the same time hopelessly normal Viennese women anno 2023. Perhaps not that much has changed in one century.... 

Operetta project by LUCA School of Arts. Screenplay: Thomas Blondelle & Constanze Weidknecht / Music by F. Lehar, J. Strauss, E. Kalman and O. Straus, among others / Piano: Peter Jeurissen / Vocal coaching: Thomas Blondelle and Catherine Vandevelde

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