In an ideal world, a child develops a secure attachment. This is not always the case.  Consequently, sometimes multiple forms of insecure attachment develop. Within the "Add Attachment" project, KUL Psychology and LUCA are joining forces to build a VR environment with biofeedback in which the attachment is mapped via learning processes and where children are actually receptive to work on that attachment. 
The Learning Theory of Attachment states that the development of attachment unfolds at least in part as a result of learning processes in which the child learns that the care figure embodies a safety signal that protects against stress. Every care interaction between a child and a care figure can be seen as a learning moment. 
LUCA Traject 3D & Polymath Lab Gent are responsible for the development of a VR-experience in which children will live and which can be adapted to their empathy. In collaboration with the experts of the KUL, LUCA will build an immersive game in which the children can fully immerse themselves, while the researchers can specifically test the questions they have. LUCA is responsible for the concept, VR game development with biofeedback, 3D environment and the characters.  

Research Unit: LABOpro

Duration: 2022 - 2025

Financing: KULeuven (FWO)

Partners: KU Leuven


Wim Forceville

Wouter Devriese