This project explores how designers can support the manufacturing industry to expand their existing product range and make it accessible to people with dementia. In addition, it also serves a social purpose in which participants
with dementia are involved in the design process through participation, resulting in designs that provide a pleasant experience and distraction during moments that often lead to unrest (the moments just before meals, when there are no activities when sundowning occurs, etc.). This project, developed in collaboration with care,
education and a children’s book publisher, serves as a test case in which we focus in on the design of non-stigmatizing interactive books for people in a later phase of dementia. During the test case, attention will also be paid to developing a broad and sustainable partnership between education, healthcare, research and the
manufacturing industry in Ghent and Genk. The impulse trajectory thus serves as a necessary and experimental preliminary trajectory in preparation for a TETRA project proposal or an ESF trajectory. Finally, this project also wants to be a case within a new doctoral program to be started.

Research Unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: 2020 - 2021


  • OCMW Genk
  • Menos
  • Yo Yo Books


Dr. Andrea Wilkinson

Lieke Lenaerts