Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the 2017-2018 academic year is 906 euro for all students (Belgian and non-Belgian) plus extra study costs of 400 euro per year. Health insurance and national insurance payments are not included. 

The program does not make any grants available. You are encouraged to apply for grants awarded by local (municipal, regional, national) authorities. 

Degree requirements

The MA program is open to all holders of a Bachelor's diploma in audiovisual arts of academic level from Belgium or abroad. Students who intend to apply are asked to submit detailed information about their previous studies so we can assess their suitability and, if necessary, advice for preparatory courses. This year’s intake interviews are held upon invitation on July 3 and August 31. The academic year starts at the very beginning of October and ends mid-September of the next year.

Your application

The due date for your application

  • First call: applications must be postmarked no later than May 31st, 2017.
  • Second call: applications must be postmarked no later than August 1st , 2017.

Materials you have to submit as a part of your application

You need to submit the completed application online form, your creative portfolio, current resume, personal statement (written in English), photocopies of diplomas and certificates translated to Dutch, English of French, photocopies of your identity card or passport and a recent digital passport photo. The complete package should be uploaded.

Your application portfolio

The portfolio is meant for you to demonstrate your output to the admissions committee. You can submit professional or personal works, anything that exhibits ideas and a sense of creativity. Please make sure you fill out your creative portfolio description sheet so the Admissions Committee understands how to interpret the work – whether it’s professional quality, working material, etc. Your portfolio can contain online links to whatever material you consider necessary. Please note that the program cannot be held responsible for any creative materials lost or damaged while in our possession or in transit. Please do not send us original work since no material will be returned. 

Admission process

Intake interview

If you are included on the shortlist announced by the Admissions Committee following the evaluation of the application packages, you will be invited for an intake interview, on which the final selection hinges. This year’s interviews are held upon invitation on July 3 and August 31. We strongly encourage you (if possible) to visit the school, meet current students and staff, see the working spaces and get a better feel for and understanding of the program. We also encourage you to e-mail us with any further questions you may have (especially if you are not able to visit) and/or to make a personal appointment with core staff members. 

Admission decision

First call shortlist is announced by the end of June 2017. Second call shortlist is announced by mid-August 2017. Admissions decisions are announced shortly after the interviews of July 3rd or  August 1st . Please note that the program does not give reasons for any rejections. The number of new admissions for the 2017-2018 academic year is limited to 20.


The program cannot provide accommodation. If you are an international student you will have to apply for a residence permit to be able to study in Belgium and you will have to arrange housing. Since these procedures can be time consuming, it is recommended to apply well in advance. You can obtain information on accommodation from the school admissions office. 

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