The cinematic arts produce contact at distance, the manifestation and erasure of events of historical, social and technological evolution, combined with speculative thought and an infinity of screen proposals. We are confronted with a disrupted screen experience and passage of witness without a hint of certainty. Research traverses screen cultures and imbricates method, theory, composition and fluid exhibition format into an entanglement of perception, affective or sensory space. It also foregrounds a duplicitous encounter, for it exposes at the same time as it masks origin, framing a cinematic dispositif, prompting ongoing questions of authenticity and status.

Moving image produces an array of new horizons which continually refine the screen’s quest, amidst the unpredictability of events. The Dispositif research cluster is therefore orientated towards these acts of exploration, detection and ambiguity within cinema’s contested discourses: of poetics, histories, new ecologies, decolonisation, the life-like, death and even ‘survival’ of images. The dissemination of images and its figurations migrates through institutional and cultural agendas and haunts us in the interstices of screen environments, shaping and mutating expanded research-into-practice by continually replenishing temporality. We will develop resources and co-platforms for the development and consideration of these historical, ongoing and future cinema (ad)ventures, engaged in research and publication around which artists’ and creative works can coalesce to produce new knowledge.

Dispositif will produce research in practice-based, discursive and partnership form. We are currently developing our associations, towards future ventures with institutions and non-academic, strategic partnerships: including KU Leuven; UCA (UK); Glasgow University (Scotland) The Warburg Institute (London) and various associates. Current projects involving our researchers include: The evolution, place and theorisation of new non-fiction filmmaking; a hauntology of lost and displaced cinema; Frozen Bodies, Moving statues: non-original and unidentifiable screen portraits.

We have no exclusive membership, and are an open channel for dialogue on new ideas, suggestions, specific proposals, associate membership and co-operative partnership. Please contact Dr. Roel Vande Winkel and Dr. Phillip Warnell for further information on our upcoming events and projects.

Live Projects and pending events:

‘The Place of Documentary: traversing disciplines’ – on 23rd and 24th March, 2022, Brussels, various venues.
Keynotes by film theorist Dara Waldron (New Non-Fiction Film) and artist-filmmaker Fiona Tan.

Panels from film and associated fields, elaborating how they engage and reveal speculative, and emergent futures in non-fiction filmmaking. Is the form evolving, its place diminishing, consolidating or transforming, and if so, into what and with which relevancy? How can or should we co-operate, anticipate and contend with its prospective materialisations, along with considering how an ‘art of the real’ evidently traverses disciplinary thresholds.

Jean-Luc Nancy: a colloquium. With the participation of Phillip Warnell and screening of his film, ‘Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies’, made in collaboration with Nancy. Event organised by philosopher Divya Dwivedi. Georges Pompidou centre, Paris 23rd-24th January, 2022.


Senior Researchers:

Dr. Roel Vande Winkel (Director)
Dr. Phillip Warnell (Director)

PhD researchers and affiliates:

Sofie Benoot (The essay film as ecological detective), Guido Devadder (From post-cinema to pre-cinema and back again: media archaeology of loop animation), Victor Candeias (Eyescape), Farah Kassem (Deradicalizing the City), Olga Lucovnicova (Filming memory / Filming my family. Intergenerational trauma and prosthetic memory of WWII in post-Soviet society), Dragana Radanović (Redrawing Childhood), Christina Stuhlberger (Double voiced – poetics of exchange in documentary film), dr. Pascal Vandelanoitte (Head of Department, Audio-Visual Arts).

Publications and realisations

The cluster will hold regular in-house presentations and invitee discussions, to encourage discourse, debate and initiatives to emerge from within the cluster and its affiliates. An annual symposium will take place exploring these initiatives in action, presented in association with a partnership of groups/venue in Brussels.


Dr. Roel Vande Winkel       

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Dr. Phillip Warnell              

LUCA - Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel

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