Research cluster Mediated Environments

At Mediated Environments, we explore the boundaries of novel digital technologies through the application of art and design. We create artistic work as a means to pursue inquiries into the conceptual, political and societal aspects of interaction, space and media.

Our research spans the area of media art, human-computer-interaction, data visualization, human-data-interaction, participatory media, artistic cartography, citizen participation and extended reality.

Prototype design for a Personal Data Storage (left, Gijs Ipers), Tangible visualization ‘Barricades Against Migration’ (middle, Isabel Naesens) and Performance ‘The Shape of Time’ (right, Klaas Verpoest).


dr. Steven Devleminck, Head of Research Intermedia

dr. Sandy Claes, Coordinator Mediated Environments

Boris Debackere

Klaas Verpoest

Ula Sickle

Guido Devadder

Gregory Denis

Joris Perdieus

Thomas Laureyssens


dr. Sandy Claes

dr. Steven Devleminck

LUCA - Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
Paleizenstraat 70
B-1030 Brussel

Research Unit Intermedia

The cluster Mediated Environments is part of the Intermedia Research Unit.