Research Cluster Music Education

The Music Education research cluster conducts research aimed at innovation in music education and participation. The cluster consists of senior, doctoral and project researchers who do not only engage in music education research, but also transfer this investment to teaching, writing and teacher professionalisation. The Music Education research cluster is part of the research unit Music & Drama.

Research cluster Music Education

Our research projects are organised alongside four research lines:

  1. Understanding the professional development of music educators, their role in educational innovation, and their potential as change agents in practitioner research.
  2. Studying the relevance and impact of music learning in the community, including music in schools, leisure and community music.
  3. Advancing improvisational practices in music education, ranging from musical improvisation activities to pedagogical improvisation.
  4. Making music education practices more (self-)critical and (self-)reflective through the involvement of music education philosophy.

Additionally, the research cluster also invests in the fields of historical research in music education and music education policies.



Prof. dr. Thomas De Baets is leading the music education research cluster. He is on the editorial board of Music Education Research, International Journal of Music Education, TOPICS, and Cultuur+Educatie

Keywords: professional development, educational innovation, practitioner research, musical communication, music in primary and secondary school schools, amateur arts

Lierin Buelens is Master of Educational Studies and holds a bachelor degree in Music Education. She conducts public-pedagogical research concerning the image of amateur bands, with a special focus on adult starters. 

Expertise: public pedagogy, philosophy of education, amateur arts, non-formal music education, adult music education

Tine Castelein is a music educator with experience in music schools and higher music education. Her PhD project focuses on the importance of the personal interpretative framework of music teachers while designing and conducting their educational practice.

Keywords: professional development, music schools, non-formal music education, design-based research, practitioner research

Thomas Geudens conducts doctoral research about orchestration in youth orchestras. He has experience as classroom music teacher and music arranger. Thomas conducts two youth orchestras and is music editor at Kunstzone.

Keywords: orchestration, art education policy, amateur orchestras, music schools

Mathias Moors is Master of Psychology, specialised in music psychology. He is a professional electric and double bass player. Mathias currently conducts a literature research on pedagogical improvisation in music education.

Keywords: pedagogical improvisation, music psychology, applied research, learning theories, teacher training

Filip Verneert is Master of Education and a qualified system therapist. Hij studied jazz guitar at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Filip is president of Muziekmozaïek Folk & Jazz and chief editor of Jazz & Mo'. His PhD project aims at the integration of free impovisation within music education.

Expertise: improvisation, community music, amateur arts, folk and jazz education, collaborative creativity

Wiebe Sieds Koopal is an associated doctoral researcher of the Music Education research cluster.

Publications and realisations

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