Over de onderzoekscluster

The Photography Expanded research cluster starts from the observation that the photographic practice has become fundamentally hybrid (George Baker, Alfredo Cramerotti).

First, the blending of artistic media, including photography, is a striking phenomenon within contemporary art. This mingling of media is expressed in artworks composed of different media - including photography, film, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, architecture, theater, text - but also in works of art made with a single medium, which includes, however, references to other media. For example, paintings or spatial installations that contain pictures, films that are based on photographic material, but also photos that have pictorial or cinematic features.

Furthermore, due to technological shifts photo cameras became film cameras, cell phones have cameras, the web is a new source/archive of photographic material. Photographs became dynamic picture frames and shifts in the art world; photojournalism is shown in the museum; autonomous work is streamed via the web and became part of commercial networks a dynamic art practice comes to the fore in which photography plays a central role.

This research cluster addresses questions related to the art practice and to theoretical points of view. This includes the relationship between photography and other media, the existence of medium specificity versus the hybrid nature of the photographic medium and the impact of a particular medium on the content of an artistic work.


Liesbeth Decan, Hana Miletic, Els Opsomer, Maarten Vanvolsem, Mira Sanders, Sarah Van Marcke, Alina Cristea and Greet Billet.


dr. Liesbeth Decan
LUCA - Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
Paleizenstraat 70
B-1030 Brussel