Research unit Image

Thomas Libeer

This group carries out artistic and theoretical research of the interaction between word/writing and image, in particular in relation to the notions of conceptualisation and materialisation. The written and the spoken word, the mental and physical image, the concept and the act all create a situation whose key points, with every possible and thus varying connections, are researched on the basis of showing, looking, thinking, reading and writing, and by means of mediating practices such as representation, invention, translation, design and interpretation.

The subject of this research is both the mother tongue and foreign language of various artistic working methods, as well as their relationship to (the formulation of) world-views and concepts. Can thoughts be put into words without images; are images conceivable without words; is putting something into words conceivable without thought? And to go further: what kind of thinking do images contain? What kind of image-making both assumes and generates speech and writing? What kind of language propels both thought and the unexpected?

Within this unit there are four research groups:


Head research unit: dr. Annelies Monseré
LUCA - Campus Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst Gent
Alexianenplein 1
B-9000 Gent
Tel: (+32)(0)9/267 96 76

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