Research unit LABO Pro

LUCA Pro has bundled its advanced profession-oriented bachelor services and applied research into 1 research unit: LABOpro. LABOpro supports and coordinates multi-disciplinary research and promotes interdisciplinary networking of research groups as well as co-operation with national and international partners.

The research is concentrated around three key themes:

a) Making the future / the future of making

LABOpro brings digitalization-related research fields together and fosters collaboration that reinforces the contribution of creative and cultural works to our societies. Our focus areas include technologies (AR, VR, XR, AI, robotics and blockchain) that will collectively and fundamentally disrupt how we produce and consume content in the creative economy.

b) Shaping society

The 'shaping society' line of research explores how culture and creativity can be a source of structural economic transformation and innovation while contributing to social inclusion and sustainable human development.

c) Redesign of the design school

Working with academic experts, international school networks, teachers, policy makers and social partners, LABOpro provides a space in which to exchange ideas, experiment new practices, discover cutting-edge research and contribute to a new ecosystem of learning.

LABOpro will contribute to increased recognition of the need for practice-based and practice-led research that is creative, user-centred and participatory to address global, national and local challenges. We will cooperate closely with outstanding international academic communities, the business sector and the public sector on applied research and dissemination within our field of study.


Head of the research unit: