Some students work alongside their studies, practice top sport or are self-employed. There are also students with a disability and students with temporarily special circumstances (death of a family member, illness , etc.). These specific situations can influence the study process. Study needs assessors can, together with the student and teacher staff, grant education and exam facilities.

Who can apply?

As a rule, the student takes at least 27 credits.

  • Student with a disability: for the criteria, LUCA works with registration according to the Flemish Education Council. Concerning incoming exchange students: the university college takes over the recognition of disability from the home institution.
  • Special individual circumstances: you experience difficulties with the studies because of, for example, pregnancy, death of a family member, etc.
  • High-level art practitioner: you are also eligible for the status of "student - entrepreneur" or "student with a job" and you encounter difficulties in combining high-level art practice with educational activities.
  • Student - caregiver: you offer extra support to someone in need of care in the immediate area (first-degree family member, cohabiting partner, etc.)
  • Student - entrepreneur: you are self-employed or have the intention to become so. This statute is linked to, but differs from the fiscal statute student - self-employed.
  • Student - top athlete: you experience difficulties with your studies through combination with top sport.
  • Student with a job: you work at least 80 hours a month or you work half-time in accordance with the relevant collective labor agreement. Doctoral students or students who follow a study programme designed to combine with work, can’t submit an application, since their educational form has already been adjusted.

What are the educational and exam facilities?

Together with the student, the study needs assessor and staff of the study programme examine which educational and/or exam facilities are useful and feasible. You are not automatically entitled to facilities, these are provided in consultation with the staff of the study programme and are reasonable adjustments. Your education and exam facilities can be renewed annually or are valid throughout your school career at LUCA.

Facilities must not jeopardize the acquisition of the final competences. Only the process and the way in which the competencies are acquired will be adjusted. As a result, the allocated education and examination facilities do not jeopardize the principles of the principle of equality for all students within the study programme.

How do you apply?

In order for your status as a top-level sports student – top athlete, student with a job, student with a disability or student-entrepreneur to be officially recognized, you must go through a procedure by submitting an application to the study needs assessor before the 31st of October of the academic year or the 1st of March when you decide in the second semester to apply (with the exception of the status of 'special individual circumstances').

You can apply for your status here

Contact your disability officer ('zorgcoach')

Campus Sint - Lukas Brussel

Mail to or make an appointment with Joke Thuy using the online agenda

Campus Narafi Mail to or make an appointment with Charlotte Vandijck using the online agenda

Campus C - Mine

Mail to 
Campus Lemmens Mail to or make an appointment with Greetje Anthoni using the online agenda
Campus Sint - Lucas Gent

Mail to

Study counselling

Do you have a disability? Then you are entitled to individual study guidance from the study needs assessor of your campus.

Don't you have a disability, but would you like to have some study tips? Read our study tips here.