Stiemerlab is a citizen science project that aims to map the water quality of the Stiemer (a stream in Genk). The sewage system and increasing urban expansion have a negative impact on the water quality (pollution, algae formation) and biodiversity of the Stiemerbeek and valley. 'Stiemerlab' starts from the idea that citizens of Genk, residents and local organizations can actively contribute to mapping and tackling the problems of water quality. The project aims to actively involve citizens, including training them as citizen scientists to collect data on the water quality in the Stiemer using sensors. In addition, citizens can also participate in mapping the biological water quality by taking water samples at various locations in the Stiemer valley. The results obtained are then visualized in an accessible way to a wide audience in public space and on an open online platform. The aim of this project is on the one hand to monitor the water quality of the Stiemer over a long period and on the other to gain insight into the restorative character of the stream after overflowing from the sewers.

Research Unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: 2020 - 2021

Funding: Vlaamse Overheid


  • Leading Partner:
    LUCA School of Arts
  • Project Partners:
    Centrum voor Milieukunde - UHasselt
    Stad Genk
    Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij


Katrien Dreessen
Teis De Greve
Selina Schepers