In Flanders higher education is organised in universities and university colleges according to the bachelor/master structure.

Professionally Oriented Bachelor's Degrees

Professionally oriented bachelor's degrees (180 ECTS) are primarily aimed at professional practice and offer students a direct entry point to the labour market. Professional bachelor's students can obtain a master's degree after following a bridge programme. They can also follow an advanced bachelor's and master's degree programmes.

Professionally oriented BA's at LUCA:

  • Construction Technology at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
  • Interior Design at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel and our campus Sint-Lucas Gent
  • Visual Communication at our campus Sint-Lucas Gent
  • Applied Photography at our campus Narafi Brussel
  • FIlm-Tv-Video at our campus Narafi Brussel


Academically Oriented Bachelor's Degrees and Master's Degrees

The main objective of academically oriented bachelor's degrees (180 ECTS) is continuation to a master's degree. These degree programmes not only teach students how to carry a creation through to completion, but also how to situate their practice in the context of the art world.

Master's degrees (60 or 120 ECTS) are always academically oriented and aim to bring students to an advanced level of knowledge and skills, necessary for the autonomous exercise of the arts or sciences, or for the application of scientific or artistic knowledge in the independent practice of a profession.

Academically oriented bachelor's and master's at LUCA:

  • Fine Arts at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
  • Photography at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
  • Media and Information Design at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
  • Graphic Storytelling at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
  • Graphic Design at our campus Sint-Lucas Gent
  • Fine Arts, major in: Photography, Printmaking & Drawing, Illustration, Ceramics & Glass, Mixed Media, Painting or Sculpture at our campus Sint-Lucas Gent
  • Textile Design at our campus Sint-Lucas Gent
  • Animation Film at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel and C-Mine Genk
  • Film Directing at our campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
  • Television-Film at our campus C-Mine Genk
  • Communication & Media Design, major in Game Design or Interaction Design at our campus C-Mine Genk
  • Product Design at our campus C-Mine Genk
  • Music, major in Composition, Conducting, Instrument/Voice, Jazz, Music Education, Music Therapy at our campus Lemmens Leuven
  • Drama at our campus Lemmens Leuven
  • Teacher training (only MA) in Audiovisual and Visual Arts or in Music and Drama at our campus Lemmens Leuven, Sint-Lukas Brussel and Sint-Lucas Gent

Advanced Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

In addition to bachelor's and master's degrees, Flemish universities and colleges offer continuous learning in the form of advanced bachelor's and master's degrees.

Advanced master's degree at LUCA:

  • Music at our campus Lemmens Leuven

Doctoral Programme (PhD)

LUCA School of Arts organises seminars for researchers and PhD students in the Arts. These seminars are organised by the different research groups of LUCA and they focus on topics and methods that are of specific importance to the field of artistic research. In addition, two seminars are organised in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture. PhD students can also take part in seminars organised by the Doctoral School for the Humanities & Social Sciences of KU Leuven.