In the formal and non-formal art education there’s still an ‘active dominance’: the idea that learning about and through art mostly occurs by ‘doing’ as actively working with artistic media.

This study aims to increase our understanding of the more ‘contemplative dimension’ of art education, focusing in particular on how creation and contemplation can intertwine to result in praxis in ‘woordkunst-drama’ as field of study in the Flemish Artistic Secondary Education (KSO).

In addition to a literature review, the study will take a pilot project with pupils ‘woordkunst-drama’ of the Stedelijk Lyceum Cadix in Antwerp as its starting point. This project, aimed at ‘theatre making’, will form the basis to develop the concepts of ‘contemplation’ and ‘praxis’. Both concepts will be linked to the notion of ‘world-centred education’ as described amongst others by professor Gert Biesta. The project aims to expand the pupil’s outlook on the world and widen their perspectives about art as inspiration for theatre making as an act of ‘coming in the world’ as subject. Contemplative working methods will challenge the pupils in their search for profound content and challenging theatrical forms for own creations.

The study will result in an article, focusing on insights and experiences related to ‘contemplation’ and ‘theatre making as praxis’ in Artistic Secondary Education (KSO) at the level of vision, methods and didactics.

Research Unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2020 - 2022


Jelle De Grauwe