Biologist Jacob Von Uexküll was not pondering over artistic practices when he launched the concept of the "Umwelt"  to describe the sensory world, the behavior, and the actions of animals and men (1934). Nevertheless, the idea of the" Umwelt" can be valuable to trace, describe and stimulate the working process of the artist and the architect. This research project aims to map the so-called "Umwelt" of the artist and the architect in order to develop innovative methods that incorporate the sensorial process. To arrive at an adequate design for urban space, an architect takes in the sounds of his surroundings and behaves as  a sound artist whereas a painter will appropriate the gaze of an architect to solve a painterly problem concerning the visual translation of that same urban space.


  • Esther Venrooij (project leader, KU Leuven/LUCA)
  • Isolde Vanhee (LUCA)
  • Annelies De Smet (KU Leuven)
  • Joseph Kohlmaier (London Metropolitan University)

Research unit: Image

Duration: 2013 -