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Annelotte Lammertse

We have the receipt of fern seed, we walk invisible -Dye plants and precarious landscapes

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The research focusses on dye plants and the way they can show us precarious and damaged landscapes. These plants have almost disappeared from our society and are only found in small and fragmented places. They form the ruins of our capitalistic landscape and are of great importance for the biodiversity and the quality of our environment. In this research, collaboration will be set up between the different places, plants, people, and their environment, beyond binary, anthropocentric and hierarchical paradigms. The park of Ter Beken will serve as a research area together with the green spaces on the edge of the city that lead to the park. In addition, a research field will be established in the form of a wild dye garden where collaborative projects will be set up. Through processes and actions of collecting and holding different narratives and stories about the places and plants will be looked at and produced. Sensorial experience, rhythmic temporality and assemblages will be connected to the processes of dyeing and weaving. Color will be approached not as something purely visual but as a material, that requires time, energy, steps, and rhythms.

Research unit: Image

Duration: 2022 - 2024

PhD-project: Third landscapes and the role of dye plants


Annelotte Lammertse