Typical of the art school are the workshops where students acquire technical skills in function of realizations within their own artistic practice. It ranges from woodworking workshops to glass blowing workshops, making casts, etc. It concerns a form of work that brings the student into contact with the materiality of things by means of specific tools and techniques. In the workshop, matter is
made tangible, manipulable and free for use. The educational master starts in 2019, as an educational program that wants to profile itself from artistic practice, but also wants to pay attention to sharing knowledge and experience. From a curiosity about the present and the radical assumption that we 'do not know' what we do not know, the urgency arises to make a workshop around making school. With this impulse project we are curious about what a ‘Workshop School' could look like, not by defining it beforehand, but by first spreading it as a rumor, and from there starting a collective practice of thinking and experimenting with the material that the (art) school and education within our society has to offer.

Research unit: Image

Duration: 2021 - 2023


Dr. Nancy Vansieleghem

Roel Kerkhofs