Yingda Dong, PhD in the Arts

Collision and fusion: A study on the combination of Chinese and Western visual arts in illustration practice within the context of young Chinese illustrators studying in the West.

The migration of artists is often accompanied by a mixture of visual languages. In the process of
young Chinese illustrators studying and migrating to the West, influenced by both Chinese and
Western visual arts, the visual language of their illustration practices starts to show the features
from both sides. In the context of cultural globalization, the homogenization of the visual style in
contemporary Chinese illustration i s becoming more apparent. Therefore, exploring the cross-cultural practice of Chinese illustrators who study in the West will provide an answer to this issue and contribute to the related research literature.
By collecting related images and narrative texts from young Chinese illustrators who have studied in the West, I will produce a collection of biographies that shows the practice and drifting experiences of ten young Chinese illustrators. In addition, through conducting participant observation and drawing experiments, I will make a graphic novel that shows my practice and life experiences of studying in the West as a personal practice.
This project aims to explore the illustration practices of young Chinese illustrators with study and migration experience in Western countries in terms of (1) mixed visual features of illustration (2) the adopted and combined strategies of Chinese and Western visual arts in illustration practice.

  • Supervisor: dr. Volkmar Mühleis
  • Co-supervisor: prof. dr. Parastou Forouhar (Mainz Academy of Fine Arts, Germany)

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Duration: 2021 - 2025