Nancy Vansieleghem publiceert Afterschool

Images, Education & Research

Edited by: Nancy Vansieleghem, Joris Vlieghe, Pieter Verstraete

Tangible tension of omnipresent images in education

The intricate relation between images and education is an old issue that can easily be dated back to the rise of Modernity. Ever since, it has been argued on the one hand that images might assist teachers in educating the new generation, but on the other might detract students’ attention by offering them mere entertainment instead of seriously pursuing essential subject material. Today, with the omnipresence of screens in our daily life, this tension has become all the more tangible. Some may even start to wonder whether education, traditionally conceived as schooling, is still achievable under these conditions.

The title Afterschool refers to a film by Antonio Campos, which depicted these new conditions very accurately. In the same way the book articulates in an affirmative manner the role of education in an ‘Afterschool’ era, and also what images could signify in such an era, both for educators and educational researchers. All essays included in this book, in one way or another, respond to this process of digitization. At the same time, they present new and unexpected ways of making use of images in educational practice and research. 

Sönke Ahrens (independent researcher), Marc De Blieck (LUCA School of Arts, Ghent), Pieter-Jan Decoster (Ghent University), Florelle D’Hoest (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Jan Dietvorst (visual artist), Jan Masschelein (KU Leuven), Nancy Vansieleghem (LUCA School of Arts, Ghent), Maarten Vanvolsem (LUCA School of Arts, Brussels), Pieter Verstraete (KU Leuven), Roy Villevoye (visual artist) & Joris Vlieghe (Liverpool Hope University)


Images after School
An Introduction
Joris Vlieghe, Nancy Vansieleghem & Pieter Verstraete
Guarded by the Camera 
An interview with Antonio Campos about the film Afterschool
Nancy Vansieleghem, Joris Vlieghe & Pieter Verstraete
DIS-ORDER – Two Images of Conversation
Nancy Vansieleghem
The Significance of Digital Screen Culture for Education
Pieter-Jan Decoster
Photography Beyond the Still Image
Maarten Vanvolsem

The Idea of Pornography
Rethinking the educational value of pornographic images with Baudrillard and Agamben
Joris Vlieghe
The New Authenticiy
Artists among Scholars
Jan Dietvorst & Roy Villevoye
Exploring Educational Potentiality 
Three Stories from the film DOGTOOTH
Florelle D’Hoest
How to Make Visible What Cannot Be Shown? 
Sönke Ahrens
Photographs That Move 
Marc De Blieck
After School … School once more?
Jan Masschelein

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