If a game is 'pervasive' it is said to blur the boundaries between itself and the 'real' world, therefore blending with it. It is described as 'Bleed', when the border between player and character becomes transparent. The mixing of worlds and disciplines is the focus of the online symposium 'BLEND & BLEED'. During four hour sessions hosted at regular intervals from February to June 2021, international researchers and artists from the fields of interactive performance, media and game design are invited to explore interactive hybrid physical/virtual formats.
The symposium is an Impuls project of the Inter-Actions Research Unit (campus C-mine) and is linked to the 'Meaningful Play' Cluster and their research on crossbreeding live performance with online gaming. With the process of hybridization as a running thread, it invites collective theoretical as well as practical research on structures that enable meaningful online interactions with a conscious presence in a physical space. All discussions and performances are public and open for participation. For the full program look out for the upcoming LUCA news or check our website www.0ct0p0s.net

Research Unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: 2020 - 2021


Carina Erdmann