Boris Debackere: The data experience.

Doctoral Project

Boris Debackere, PhD in the Arts

This doctoral proposal investigates the accumulation of Big Data and the automation of computational processes that determine our contemporary living environments. The ephemeral flows of information are intangible but they shape every bit of our culture, what we see, hear and how we live. However, grasping the vast infrastructure is beyond our reach. Online and connected, only glimpses of the complex are revealed in our interactions. I set out to analyse the cultural impact of data processes concealed in the fabric of our information society. Through a creative practice, I aim to turn the transparent—imperceptible—digital operations inside out and make this immersive mediated environment opaque—conceivable—again to generate an awareness of what otherwise appears ungraspable. This doctoral project explores aesthetic, multi-sensory interaction models by transferring data from a virtual to an augmented reality.


  • Dr. Steven Devleminck (Supervisor, LUCA)
  • Dr. Steven Malliet (Co-Supervisor, LUCA)

Research unit: Intermedia

Duration: 2017-2021