do 17.12.2020, 20u - 22u

Common Grounds | Code Black

Theatervoorstellingen en performances

‘Common Grounds | Code Black’ is the result of an experimental practice based research into the cross-media applications of the various aspects of image and sound in which LUCA Arts students from a vast array of disciplines and specializations collaborate. The course offers students a platform in which the boundaries and synergy between both their own medium and various forms of online presentation are explored.
This 2020 ‘Code Black’ edition will be a digital event, which results in a series of extremely engaging projects and an exhibition exploring the limits of online co-creation.

The live-event will take place on Thursday December 17th at 8PM, while the exhibition will be accessible for two weeks following the launch.

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Common Grounds is made possible with the support of STUk and BAC ART LAB



You can experience the program live on this facebook page

20h00 Breathe in: a meditative performance - Performance (2h) Youtube livestream
  Opening Exhibition Website
20h15 The Cyber Recluse - Performance (1 week) 24/7 Zoom session
20h30 Neglections 1 - Performance (6') Twitch livestream
20h36 Visual Notes - Movie Facebook
20h45 Disconnect / reconnect 1 - Performance (10') Zoom Session
20h55 Nothing can ever be Forgotten - Movie Facebook
21h00 Focus on continuing performances  
21h05 Neglections 2 - Performance (6') Twitch livestream
21h11 Overflow - Movie Facebook
21h20 Disconnect / reconnect 2 - Performance (10') Zoom Session
21h30 Focus on continuing performances  
21h35 Noujoumi Noujoumek - Movie Facebook
21h50 Focus on continuing performances  
22h00 End  



Breathe in: a meditative performance

Bram Bulcke, Georgy Chtchevaev, Catherine Dewart & Robin Hendrix.

In times where connection seems far away, we explore the boundaries of human interaction through a screen. This performance is an exploration in connection, non-verbal communication and interaction through meditation and creation. By bringing together the disciplines of real-time clay sculpting, drawing, and soundscaping, we influence each other to create abstract and narrative structures.


Visual notes

Jolien Casteleyn, Begum Akin & Edgar Matevosyan

This is an audiovisual experiment by Jolien, Edgar and Begüm. The main idea is creating visual expressions as a response to the sound of the violin. Jolien is improvising while Begüm is recording mirrored video of Jolien from television screen. In meantime Edgar is busy with the graphic notations, those vary depending on the sound. We planned a video with both visualizations side by side that is completed with the sound work. The inputs and outputs can vary in many different ways and there are endless possibilities.


Noujoumi - Noujoumek

(my stars - your stars)

Sarah Done, Karen El Haddad, Ana Parreira & Gregory Denis.

The project is a visual multilingual poem that shows the relationship of freedom and ownership of body and space through a play of footages with light and shadows in an urban context. We have a collection of urban sounds and voices used to overlay with still images and video footages that are a result of organic experimentation of our bigger concept.


Nothing can ever be Forgotten

Vince De Leenheer, Cas Kinnaer, Julita Matysiak, Kyo Schelfhout, An-Sofie Swinnen

In "Nothing can ever be forgotten" we all work around the theme of chaos, each in our discipline. The end result is a video that showcases everybodies work, coming together on a videomap. A spoken word composition will guide how the drawings and scans will move in the frame, so when the music becomes more intense, so will the visuals. The piece shows a train of thought, a literal look inside somebody's mind who has been isolated and alienated from his or her life.



Indra Persoons, Gijs Ipers, Masha Mikhaylenko, Evi Vannerom

We are translating visuals into music and music into visuals and putting that in a video. The video starts with a minimum of information and layer by layer the amount of information grows until there is an information overflow.

The cyber recluse

Brahim Tall, Brecht De Cock, Frederik Stuut en Ibtissam Boulbaiem

In our project titled “The Cyber Recluse” we will be investigating how notions of public and private space seem to be merging during the current covid-era. We are constructing a long-format live performance that would allow the audience to voyeuristically invade the performers private space. 

The performance will be watchable through “zoom” where the audience can completely customize their viewing experience. We are currently still figuring out how we can also utilize sound or text as a way to further enhance the feeling of invasion of privacy.


Marie-Lou Debels, Tristan Hemels, Nathan Smekens, Ben Van Son

Feeling neglected, a feeling that oftentimes results in frustration. Within Neglections, we seize the opportunity to visualize the feeling of being neglected by using reflections of interactive motion graphics, driven by live music as a multi-sensorial metaphor for this feeling.

By leaving our artistic sanctuary & trying out new ways of creative expression, a cross-disciplinary collaboration arises between students of Luca School of arts; MIND* and music. Based on digital decoding of live performed guitar and electronic music, graphically translated information is projected on reflective surfaces which fill the room with stunning visual occurrences. The visual output then again affects the musician, which creates a continuous audio-visual loophole.


Disconnect / reconnect 

Wanting chu, Tatyana Soubotko & Lucas lütfiev

We are all connected to the same virtual space like a Zoom, Messenger or Sky platform Virtually, after we close meeting sessions we are disconnected in the physical world and there are senses of empty and loneliness . This project is mainly about experimenting with the virtual and physical space. Where we investigate the delay of sound and image.

About Common Grounds

The COMMON GROUNDS course is an experimental practice based research into the cross-media applications of the various aspects of image and sound. The course offers students a platform in which the boundaries and synergy between both their own medium and various forms of presentation are explored. Special attention is given to the common ground between different media and different approaches: analogue, digital, visual, sound, movement, etc. A documented process followed by a performance at the end of this course, should show that the student, supported by the supervisors, is able to investigate, question, explore and transpose his / her music and / or visual language through a personal artistic project into the mediated environment.