Can I come to campus from May 18?

You may only access the campus for essential matters that you can’t do (from) at home: for example for a class or exam that is planned on campus or if you have made a reservation for a workplace. You can also pick up material by appointment. Access will be controlled by a security agent who will check whether you have permission to enter the campus. Bring your student card and confirmation email.

Don't come to the campus earlier than fifteen minutes before the agreed time. Before entering the campus, disinfect your hands and follow the guidelines of the signage, the personnel and the stewards. After your activity you leave the campus immediately.

How do I prove that I need to be on campus?
You only get access if you can present a reservation for an appointment in a workshop, lending service, library, ... or an invitation from a teacher. With your exam schedule, which you find on Toledo, you can also prove that you have to be on campus for your exam or a jury. Please make sure to have your student card with you.

Do I have to wear a mask on campus and bring my own disinfectant products?
If you follow the rules of social distance and hygiene correctly, this should be sufficient. Unless the government decides otherwise, you do not need to wear a mask on campus. We recommend that you have a mouth mask with you for occasions when social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

LUCA provides sufficient options and suitable products to wash your hands regularly. Hand hygiene sets are available in rooms where activities take place.

How do I move on campus?
You always keep at least 1,50 m (social distance) away from other people on campus. You take the shortest way to the place you need to be. You follow the signage. Respect one-way traffic on the stairs. Lifts can only be used by people with reduced mobility. If you come to pick up or return material, you can also -exceptionally- use the lift. Please indicate this clearly in your application for your appointment. After your activity, you leave the campus by the shortest route possible.

How many people are allowed in a room?
The number of places in the rooms has been adapted to the rules of social distance. The possible occupation of the premises has been considerably reduced and is clearly indicated. Always go to your classroom on time so you don't have to squeeze in, respect the signage and do not switch places during the activity.

Which hygiene measures are taken?
The rooms are continuously ventilated with outside air by regularly opening the windows and/or by the provided ventilation systems. Work surfaces, tables, keyboards, screens, computer mice, etc. are cleaned and disinfected between different activities. Sufficient hand washers are provided and you will also find hygiene sets in the classrooms.

I feel sick but I have an appointment on campus?
If you are ill or if you have mild symptoms of illness, please stay at home. If you do come and if a fever, coughing, etc. is diagnosed, you will be refused admission to the campus.
If you are unable to keep your appointment due to illness, notify the person/service with whom you had an appointment. If necessary, make a new appointment.


Which lessons are being organized again?
Even after May 18 there are no regular lesson activities. Instruction lessons that are necessary to complete certain practical modules are possible; but only with strict observance of the general rules for hygiene, the reduced capacity of the premises and the disinfection of the materials used after each contact/activity. You can find the adapted planning for your distance lessons and any activities on campus on Toledo via your education page.
You can restart your physical internships if the necessary safety rules are respected. In consultation with your internship coordinator and the internship, your internship contract will be adjusted and you can get back to work.

Are there still studio activities going on?
No, there will be no more normal studio activities after May 18. You only come to the campus by appointment for an activity that is essential and can’t take place at home: an instruction lesson, an individual feedback session where it is important to see the work physically or a jury. Your education will announce via the Toledo page whether there are any studio activities for you. Please consult the adapted corona planning of your study program on Toledo.

Will I have to come to campus for exams?
The general rule is that exams are organized online or replaced by an alternative assignment. You will receive the correct information about this from your study program. When there is no other option, an exam is organized on campus or an external location. For your exams, consult the adapted corona planning of your study program on Toledo. Make sure you respect the measures of social distancing and hand hygiene and follow the guidelines. Always bring your own writing and (if possible) other work material.

Will I be able to physically present my work to a jury?
If really necessary, we organize a physical jury. This is organized with respect for the social distancing, the limited capacity of the rooms and the general guidelines. We avoid large groups and work with time slots. Your study program will provide you with all the specific information via the education pages on Toledo.

Can I return to my student digs?
Of course you can return to your student room. But you have to choose: either you stay in your digs or at home. Commuting between your room and home is not allowed. You also respect the rules of social distance in student digs.

Can I still use exam facilities in the coming exam period?
If you have a special status, you are also entitled to exam facilities during this exam period.
A change of exam format may require a different type of support. Contact the coaches if you have questions:

Campus Brussel / Sint-Lukas

Campus Brussel / Narafi

Els Verbruggen

Online appointment calendar

Campus Genk / C-mine

Campus Leuven / Lemmens

Anne-Lies  Bas

Online appointment calendar

Campus Gent / Sint - Lucas

Ruth De Hert 

Inge De Mecheleer

Not applicable



Can I still borrow LUCA material through the lending services?
Lending materials from the various lending services is still possible via LUS. Only we follow some strict rules to limit health risks. The most important measure is that the borrowed materials are quarantined for 72 hours after return. This of course affects the availability of materials. We therefore expect your applications to be reasonable and realistic in order to serve everyone as well as possible. When collecting and returning the material, follow the signs and guidelines of the workshop employee.
If you need certain materials for a longer period, you apply through your education.

How do I use the workrooms on campus?
Students can only visit the workshops by appointment. This allows us to take the necessary health measures and offer the widest possible service. Within Toledo there is a reservation form where you can request max. 2 reservations per workshop. You can find this form on the community page of the workshops. Each workshop can have its own specific usage guidelines. You can also find it on Toledo. A reservation is final when the workshop employee has sent a confirmation email. This confirmation is necessary to gain access to the campus.

Some important rules:
- respect your appointment, the timing, the specific rules and the guidelines of the workshop employees
- You can cancel a reservation up to 48 hours in advance.
- You provide the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the workshop where you want to work. These can differ from place to place. If you don’t have this PPE with you, you may not access the workshop.

Can I use the libraries?

You can only go to the libraries for collection and return of library materials. You can make an appointment for this via the reservation tool on the community-page of the LUCA libraries on Toledo (C-7347677-K). You can only make an appointment for the next working week.
(On the campus in Brussels you can hand in library materials in the letterbox, in Leuven you can hand it in in a specially placed hand-in box. You do not have to enter the campus for this and therefore do not have to make an appointment).
To avoid the risk of contamination, the material brought in is only released again after 72 hours. You cannot use the workspaces in the libraries.
Make the most of the digital resources offered by our libraries and don't forget librarians are always available to answer all your questions!
Contact:  LUCA bibliotheken

Can I get in touch with the administrative services, Stuvo, the coaches, the counselors or the ombudsmen?
You can contact STUVO employees via the known contact details. You can always contact them if you have any questions about study costs, student finance, psychological counseling ... At the moment, Stuvo Brussels and Ghent organize a live chat box every weekday between 4 and 5 pm. In addition, appointments are possible via Skype or telephone. Students in Leuven and Genk can contact their local Stuvo employees.
Because working from home remains the general rule, you can also contact colleagues from the various administrative services, counselors, ombuds, ... only online via the known email addresses and telephone numbers. If necessary, you can make an appointment via the email addresses of the employees involved.

Can I eat on campus?
Student restaurant, sandwich bar,… are closed. Other meeting areas aren’t accessible either.

Can I apply for first aid during my activity on campus?
During office hours, there is one first aid worker on campus. Due to the imposed distance measure, the service is more limited than before. Professional assistance will be called upon more quickly. If you need a first aid worker, please contact the reception on campus.

Can I get a certificate for my professional travels?

Anyone who needs a certificate for necessary professional can request it via the campus manager.