What will happen to the lessons, internships and other educational activities now?

At this moment in time, there will no educational activities be taking place on the campuses of LUCA School of Arts. The course organisers and lecturers are taking  action to be able to offer you as many alternatives as possible for the planned lessons via digital tools. From 18 May (unless the government decides otherwise in the meantime), the campuses and facilities will be reopened in a controlled manner for activities for which there is no digital alternative. Consult Toledo daily to keep up to date.

All physical internships are suspended until further notice. If your internship allows you to work from home, then you can arrange the continuation of your internship. Inform your internship coordinator about this. If you have to interrupt your internship,  It may take some time  to gain some clarity about how to proceed. During April the necessary arrangements will be made across the board of all Flemish higher education institutions regarding the further course of the academic year.

Could LUCA timely provide me with a (weekly) schedule?

LUCA strives for lecturers to draw up a (weekly) schedule for the students. Thereby is being asked to clearly indicate what they expect from you and which platforms will be used. Therefore you should consult Toledo regularly.

How will the study load of my substitute assignments be handled?

The lecturers will keep watch over it to coordinate your study load and to spread it out well. They will make sure that the substitute assignments don’t take more time than the initial lecture. Don’t hesitate to contact your lecturers if you get the feeling that the study load isn’t balanced anymore.

I still have work and/or material on campus that I need to continue working on my assignments/projects. Can I pick that up?

LUCA has developed a plan to allow students to collect necessary materials from the campus between the 20th of April and the 18th of May. This plan is conditional and can only take effect provided that the government does not impose stricter safety regulations after the Easter holidays.

You can request access to the campus online only.

What are the general rules and practical measures regarding this plan?

  • Requests should be submitted at the latest on Friday, 11AM, for collection of materials in the course of the following week
  • The material to be collected must be necessary to make progress with your studies and/or research; is needed to facilitate the online courses scheduled until the 18th of May and cannot be acquired via any other way and/or no alternatives are available
  • After you have sent in a legitimate request via the link, you will receive a message from the campus manager granting you access to the campus. You should bring this message with you when coming to the campus.
  • Students who have been granted permission, will receive a timeframe of max. 20 to 30 minutes per person to collect their materials.

I have to come back to Belgium after May 18 to finish the academic year. Can I get a certificate for that?

If you want to come back to finish the academic year, you can request a certificate from the campus manager of the campus where you are enrolled. When you return, make sure you have also your student card with you.

This certificate does not guarantee that you can come back. That depends on the current decisions of the different countries.

How will the exams and the juries take place at the end of the academic year?

In order to allow you to work on your practice as much as possible after 18 May, it has been decided to shorten the exam period this year exceptionally. The new examination period is from 15 to 28 June. If necessary, evaluation activities can be organized before June 15th outside the examination period, or in a short additional examination period between May 11th and 20th, at the end of the remote teaching weeks. Every program organizes this itself.You will find more concrete information on Toledo.

Despite these necessary adjustments to the exams and juries, it is the case that  the domain- and education specific learning achievements stay valid the moment you obtain your bachelor- or master diploma. So the quality of your diploma will not be affected.

Because I am unable to make use of the infrastructure and the equipment of LUCA my BA or MA-work threatens to not be finished in time for the jury. Will any measures be taken for this?

LUCA will do everything it can to facilitate your study progress to its full extent. From May 18, LUCA School of Arts will open the campuses and facilities in a controlled manner for matters that are digitally impossible to realize. This requires a plan of action. More concrete information will follow. In the meantime, continue to consult Toledo regularly. 

I can’t study at home. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot put our campuses at your disposal at the moment. We are doing everything we can to make sure everyone is able to access and  follow the courses. In the next few days we will be continuously evaluating if additional measures should be taken. If you have any questions and/or problems on the subject of studying at home, laptops, housing, finances, your social or psychological well-being,…? Please contact our STUVO-team members.

Are the staff members of STUVO accessible?

Just like all the other staff members at LUCA, you can contact the STUVO-team members  through the usual contact information.In these special times you can contact them if you have any questions about tuition costs, student loans, psychological guidance… Momentarily Stuvo LUCA Brussel and Gent is organising a live chat box every weekday between 16 and 17 o’clock. Besides that appointments are possible via skype or telephone. Student in Leuven or Genk? Find the contactdetails of your student support services here.

What happens to the planned holidays?

The Easter holidays from 6 through 17 April will be preserved. And that also counts for the summer holidays. Only the end of the exam period in June could shift a bit. But we hold on to the planned holiday periods, because everyone – now more than ever – has to recharge their batteries.

I still possess borrowed material from the library or the lending service. What do I have to do?

Please take care of the books and materials as if they were your own. You remain responsible for them. The moment the campus reopens, you can immediately return these materials to the lending service or library. Therefore, it is important to  consult Toledo as well as the website of LUCA regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Will any events still take place on the LUCA-campuses?

The doors of the campus will stay closed up to and including May 18. There will  no activities taking place until then. We cannot yet say if the cancelled events will still take place at a later date. Therefore you should consult our website, Toledo and our social media.

I need a certificate?

The doors of LUCA may be closed, but our staff members at the educational administration department are still accessible via mail and telephone. They will do what is necessary within the current restrictions to deliver your request to you. Use the forms on our website for this.


Are there still any Open campus days planned?

Because of the current government measures there won’t be any Info days at least for the months of March and April. We are  following up on everything closely. And of course we will offer interested parties the opportunity to get to know our courses in detail. We recommend regularly consulting our website for up-to-date information. If you would like to stay informed you could also send a mail to info@luca-arts.be . State your full name, your email address and don’t forget to mention the campus(es) and the course(s) you are interested in. If you registered at one of the Sid In events, then we already have your contact information.

I was registered for an artistic entrance exam that hasn’t taken place because of the current measures. What now?

Of course your registration will  remain valid. The course administration will contact you as soon as is possible  with the concrete information about the entrance exam. You can also still register for an artistic entrance exam, click on “register” above.

How can I log in to Academic Software?

Due to the recent cyber attack, there are a number of login problems. No worries. Academic Software remains available to you. You just log in directly through their website

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