Annelotte Lammertse: Derde landschappen en de rol van verfplanten

Ans Nys: Drawing as a mourning love letter

Can Boyan: Maken-worden door Materie: Studio Kunst als Postanthropocentrische Pedagogiek

Charlotte Dorn: Empathie voor het dier in de hedendaagse kunst

Ciel Grommen: The art of dwelling

Ella de Burca: Modes of Spectating: How to Act 

Eva Moulaert: Graphic design as a narrative practice

Fiona Hallinan: Ultimology, or the study of endings, as a point of entry for imaginative discourse

Frank Theys: The Tragic Sciences

Gabriel Molist Sancho: Write Me a Panel. An experimental study and practice on the contemporary uses of text in comics

Gianluca Cosci: The Denied Image – Art Interventions Between Iconoclasm and Institutional Critique

Jack Eyram Azor: Liberated Perception and Reverse Perspective in Painting

Jay Mar Albaos: Belgium’s Paperless: Lived Precarity in Futureless Paradigms

Kaat Celis: Imagining Trees

Konstantina Kapsali: Towards Vera, the Girl Next Door. A study on the essay film as a personal journey into a neighborhood’s archaeology

Lore Smolders: The Sign as Drawing System

Marina Kazakova: Lyric Poem. A research on how the unique characteristics of lyric poetry can be expressed in audio-visual medium

Mattijs Driesen: Possibilities of Mutation: Filmmaking as Pedagogy for the Weird

Mostafa Youssef: The Idol Shop: Toppled Stillness. The Performance of Iconoclasm in Contemporary Middle East and North Africa

Nairy Eivazy: The Objects We Carry, the Memories We Share

Pepa Ivanova: An echo of the Sun

Ritsart Gobyn: From deception to insight

Roel Kerkhofs: A fight against Loneliness

Shervin Kianersi Haghighi: Lines of Flight. An Investigation of the Value of Invisible Performances and their social Context

Steve Michiels: “Which visual censorship is necessary today?”

Stijn Van Dorpe: Dissensus and Connection as Artistic Tactics


Tine Guns: The photobook as a visual page turner: a pre- and post-cinema montage story

Vincent Thornhill: Automated optimisation of smartphone imagery: A search for alternative conceptions of the ideal through computational photography

Yana Dimitrova: Towards a Shared Autonomy. Painting as an Emancipatory Practice

Yingda Dong: Botsing en Fusie