Ans Nys: Drawing as a mourning love letter

Ciel Grommen: The art of dwelling

Ella de Burca: Modes of Spectating: How to Act 

Eva Moulaert: Graphic design as a narrative practice

Filip De Roeck: About drawinginstruments in the digital condition

Fiona Hallinan: Ultimology, or the study of endings, as a point of entry for imaginative discourse

Frank Theys: The Tragic Sciences

Gabriel Molist Sancho: Write Me a Panel. An experimental study and practice on the contemporary uses of text in comics

Gianluca Cosci: The Denied Image – Art Interventions Between Iconoclasm and Institutional Critique

Jack Eyram Azor: Liberated Perception and Reverse Perspective in Painting

Kaat Celis: Imagining Trees

Lore Smolders: The Sign as Drawing System

Luca Vanello: Caring with matter: towards new artistic forms of togetherness

Marina Kazakova: Lyric Poem. A research on how the unique characteristics of lyric poetry can be expressed in audio-visual medium

Mattijs Driesen: Possibilities of Mutation: Filmmaking as Pedagogy for the Weird

Pepa Ivanova: An echo of the Sun

Ritsart Gobyn: From deception to insight

Roel Kerkhofs: A fight against Loneliness

Shervin Kianersi Haghighi: Lines of Flight. An Investigation of the Value of Invisible Performances and their social Context

Sofie Gagelmans: Beneath the surface of cognitive diversity: creating simulation-developments that convey the visual symptoms of dyslexia

Steve Michiels: “Which visual censorship is necessary today?”

Stijn Van Dorpe: Dissensus and Connection as Artistic Tactics


Tine Guns: The photobook as a visual page turner: a pre- and post-cinema montage story

Yana Dimitrova: Towards a Shared Autonomy. Painting as an Emancipatory Practice