Dr. Piet Swerts

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    Music & Drama
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Dr. Piet J.Swerts obtained his doctorate in 2011 with a comparative study on contrapuntal canon techniques in the fifteenth and twentieth centuries in polyphonic L'homme armé Masses. The artistic output consisted of an innovative macroform resulting in an idiosyncratic grand cycle for piano solo, 24 Emulations upon l'homme armé. Swerts is internationally professionally active as a composer and has been composing exclusively on base of commissions in all genres since 1985. His oeuvre consists currently of six piano concertos, five large oratorios, three symphonies, two operas and a lot of chamber music. In the saxophone world he has achieved iconic status with his work Klonos, which became part of the standard repertoire and exists in many versions of recordings. He teaches composition and orchestration and is currently completing his Dutch book 'Orkestrale principes', an introduction and adaptation of Rimsky-Korsakov's Principles of Orchestration. Since 2006, he manages his own publishing house Zodiac Editions. He is also artistic leader of music tours and performs as pianist and conductor in Belgium and abroad. His expertise lies in the fields of composition, orchestration, analysis.