Dr. Steven Devleminck

  • Research unit: Intermedia
  • Research topics:
    • Data Visualization
    • Information Design
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Digital Art and Culture 
    • Art and Technology

Steven Devleminck holds a Master degree in Engineering from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a PhD in Art and Philosophy from the University of the Arts, London. Previously, he was the Director of the ManaMa Transmedia Research Program in Art, Media and Design of LUCA School of Arts, and visiting Professor at maHKU, Utrecht. Currently, he is the coordinator of the Master Media and Information Design (MIND) and the Head of the Mediated Environments Research Cluster at LUCA School of Arts where he teaches on data visualization, interface design and new media art and culture. He is also part-time Professor at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, Human-Computer Interaction Research Group of the Department of Computer Sciences at KU Leuven. Together with Prof. Vero Vanden Abeele he initiated the Disorderly Interfaces research track. A research strand dedicated to exploring patient archives as information spaces, and how to design for awareness and insight in personal health. Disorderly interfaces, in particular, aims to support empowerment through supporting meaning-making of data. Yet it equally implies an investigation of how to avoid installing surveillance cultures, and how to sidestep normative powers that rule our design thinking. His publications include books and a series of internationally published articles and conference papers. His practice-based work has been shown internationally. Research interests are mediated environments, interactive technology, data visualization, artistic cartography and digital art and culture.