Dr. Thomas De Baets

Alumni, Docent, Onderzoeker
  • Research unit:
    Music & Drama
  • Research topics:
    Professional development of music educators
    Processes of educational innovation in music education
    Practitioner research in music education
    Musical communication

Thomas De Baets is Professor of Music Education at LUCA School of Arts and KU Leuven. He is currently Head of Music and Group Head of Performing Arts at LUCA. Prior to this, he has coordinated the Bachelor en Master programmes in Music Education and the Specific Teacher Training in Music. He has led the recent transition from the postgraduate Specific Teacher Training programme to the Educational Masters in Performing Arts.

He holds a Master’s degree in Music Education (Lemmensinstituut, 2005), a degree of Advanced Studies in Music Education (Lemmensinstituut, 2008), and a PhD in Music Education (KU Leuven, 2012) entitled ‘On-the-spot Music Teaching – The Music Teacher in ‘Immediate’ Musical Interactions’. His main research interests are professional development, innovation and practitioner research in music education.

He has been a board member of the European Association for Music in Schools since 2009 and is the current President (since 2019). De Baets is currently editorial board member of the peer reviewed journals Music Education Research (Routledge), Cultuur+Educatie (LKCA) and TOPICS (The Mayday Group).

  • Projects:

Filip Verneert: Throw them in the deep end

Sarah Vandemoortele: Eye gaze in musical interaction

Tine Castelein: Constructive Frictions

Thomas Geudens: The Young Person's Guide to Orchestration

Lieven Van Ael: The Practice of Change. Reconstruction and Realization of Educational Innovation in Music Schools in Flanders

Thomas De Baets: “On-the-Spot Music Teaching”. The Music Teacher in Direct Musical Interactions

Victor Somma: The composer as a co-creator of bridges between society and contemporary music: a matter of dialogue?

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