Dragana Radanovic, PhD in the Arts

Although since the very beginning comics were strongly connected to children, scholars argue that children's literature represents the adult author's nostalgic memories of their own childhood rather than truthful depictions of it.

With REDRAWING CHILDHOOD, I want to explore the possibilities of formal aspects of comics in constructing ideas about childhood. I aim to question and enrich classical representations of childhood in graphic narratives. From an uneasiness with the dominant forms, I want to look for new and alternative forms of storytelling about this phase of life. My research will be based on experimental artistic practices, in combination with my own memories of a childhood in wartime. Within REDRAWING CHILDHOOD, I will try to explore the following questions: Which ways of using medium-specific elements can depart from or establish nostalgic representations of childhood? How can an adult's nostalgic ideas about childhood be suspended in the works created by an adult? How do the different stages of creating a graphic narrative influence the creation or abolition of nostalgic memories of childhood?


  • Prof. dr. Nancy Vansieleghem (Supervisor, LUCA)
  • Prof. dr. Pascal Lefèvre (Co-supervisor, LUCA)

Duration: 2020 - 2024
Research Unit: Intermedia

Contact: dragana.radanovic@student.luca-arts.be