Els Opsomer, PhD in the Arts

In times of terrorist threat, the question of how to provide artistic resistance becomes urgent and relevant. - I see, I see what you don't see - About the visible invisible in times of 'global' terror is a question about how visual language can bring about a countering in the tense visual culture that engulfs us.

My doctoral research aims to introduce and offer a visual counter-terror through the method of the "realism of dialogue". From Boccaccio's Decamerone I am looking for a poetic response that can be shared and workable within our complex (art) world and society.

Through different scriptures, in image as counter-image, in film as counter-cinema, in essays and during lecture-performances, I want to enter into a dialogue with the viewer (my audience), other artists and art education to explore the possibilities of visual resistance.

Both in the artistic question (what is a possible answer to the current image invasion?), working method (dissection of one's own image archive and what surrounds me), and in the final results (film(s) in the form of a visual framework narrative, essays and lecture/performances), there is the immense urge to give a face to the survival reality of human integrity in an overwhelming world and to allow it to exist.


  • Prof. dr. Hilde Van Gelder (Supervisor, KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Liesbeth Decan (Co-supervisor, LUCA)
  • Dr. Mira Sanders (Co-supervisor,LUCA)

Research Unit: Intermedia

Duration 2018-2022