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Tracing the object – an octagonal iron weight, 2021

My practice concerns locating and orienting events, experiences and matter. I collect fragments of objects that I encounter in mundane daily life. The objects I collect are remnants. They are different in kind and they do not bear significant value. The objects themselves and my act of collecting them saturate my relation to my physical surroundings. I am interested in the multiplicity of meaning in minimal form. I aspire to unfold affinities between the fragments of objects that I collect, and I constellate non-narrative sequences with them. With my practice, I inquire about how fragments relate to the whole.

Mapping, measuring and scaling, 2020, drawings on paper with typewriter, ink and marker pen  

Born in Turkey, 1987. Over the last couple of months, I have lived and worked in Brussels, Overijse, Oosterzele, Mons, Charleroi, Brugge, Wetteren and in different neighbourhoods in Ghent. The constant moving aspect of my way of living informs my artistic practice to a certain extent.

Object transforming in the visible – melting ice cubes, 2020, drawings on paper with ink and marker pen