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Campus Brussel / Sint-Lukas

If you are interested in our English-taught Master’s degree programmes in Brussels (Sint-Lukas), you need to register for a Master Assessment. The deadline for the next Master Assessment is 28 June. Be advised; it often takes a couple of days to gather all required documents (summed up below).


Check our Master Programmes in Visual and Audiovisual Arts 
At LUCA Brussels/ Sint-Lukas the Visual and Audiovisual Arts consist out of 6 programmes you can enroll:

  • Master in Photography (more info)
  • Master Graphic Storytelling (Graphic Design) (more info)
  • Master Media & Information Design (Graphic Design) (more info)
  • Master Fine Arts (more info)
  • Master in Filmmaking (more info)
  • Master Animation Film (more info)
  • Master Textile Design (Gent/Brussel) (more info)
  • Master in Music Jazz Performance (Leuven) (more info)
  • Master in Music Classical Performance (Leuven) (more info)

About your application
To apply for the Master Assessment you need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Diploma: At least a certified Academic Bachelor's diploma 
  2. Language Requirements: English language proficiency 
  3. Learning Account Requirement: 60 Learning Credits in your account 

The deadline of your application is 28 June.

The Master Assessment consists out of 2 parts: 

  • the admission procedure, where you upload your diploma and language certificate
  • the actual masterassessment: You upload a motivation letter, your portfolio,… and after the deadline of 28 June, we inform you if we want to invite you for an online interview in July. During this interview our teachers will ask you questions and look at your portfolio in order to see if our program would suit you.

In addition, we will check whether your bachelor's degree gives access to our master (1 year). Otherwise you should follow a preparatory programme (1 or 2 years) consisting of a number of courses from our bachelor and after that you can follow the master.

Click here for the complete info.

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