Application & Enrolment

Applying as an exchange student

Information about the application procedure for incoming exchange students.

Applying as a bachelor degree student

Information about the application procedure and necessary requirements for Bachelor degree seeking students.

Applying as a master degree student

Information about the application procedure and necessary requirements for Master degree seeking students.

International Office

Contact details of the International Office.

Tuition Fees and Master Mind Scholarship

Information about the tuition fees, additional costs and the application for the Master Mind Scholarship for EEA- students and non-EEA students.

Blocked Account

Information about the necessity and the usage of a blocked account.


If you have already obtained credits or a higher education diploma, you may be eligible for exemptions for similar course units within LUCA.

Special Needs Students

Student with a job, student - top athlete, student with a disability, student - entrepreneur, high - level art practitioner, student - caregiver.

Study at LUCA

English programmes

More information about our four English taught master's degree programmes taught at our campus Sint-Lukas and Lemmens.

Ombuds Office

The ombudsperson mediates between the student involved, the teacher and the policy authorities in relation to educational provision. In connection with exams, an ombuds acts as an intermediary…

Learning Account

Information about the so-called 'learning account', a virtual backpack with credits.

ECTS in Flanders

Information about our credit system. ECTS = European Credit Transfer System.

Studying in Flanders

Information about the educational system in Flanders and how its structured.

Learning Path Counselling

Questions about: study programme, which courses can you take, an individual study programme tailored to your individual situation, study credit, tolerances and study progress measures, exemptions for…

Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE)

Find here the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).

Services at LUCA

Requesting Certificates

Information about the request of various certificates for current LUCA students and alumni.

Student Support Services

Information about our student services (Stuvo) per campus and in general: psychological assistance, student doctors, financial aid, accommodation, transport, sports and culture, cafeteria's.


Information about your user ID and password, e-mail, Wi-Fi, Toledo, KU Loket, academic software.

Confidential advisor

For students LUCA School of Arts and KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture. The confidential advisor offers you a sympathetic ear if you come into contact with violence, harassment, sexual harassment and…

Prepare your stay

Visa and residence permits

Information about how to obtain a VISA / residence permit.

Language Preparation

Information about language learning possibilities.


Information about insurance policies for students.

Useful Links

Useful links regarding your stay in Belgium.