Jay Mar Albaos, PhD in the Arts

The objectives of this doctoral project are:

  • To arrive at artistic and anthropologic (interdisciplinary) reimagination of different “sans-papiers/undocumented” assumptions, demarcations, and embodiments – as well as the terms’ relationship with the “documented”;
  • To highlight the “sans-papiers/undocumented” as a lived/embodied/negotiated/performed imaginary and further its possibilities in artistic research and performance studies;
  • To survey social, political, and cultural implications that the “undocumented” construct is built upon;
  • To encourage the “undocumented” to explore their agencies and their right to “persist” (Butler 2015);
  • This is also to survey the actor in the production of identity politics which is the state (in the context of this research, Belgium). The project will depart from an outsiders’ (the undocumented) perspective and how such perspective sees, understands, relates, and negotiates with the adoptive country; and
  • To stay unprejudiced with the artistic research possibilities and collaborations (including organizations/collectives which work with undocumented migrants) that this project will encounter.


  • Dr. Esther Venrooij (corresponding supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
  • Dr. Patrick Devlieger (KU Leuven)

Research unit: Image

Duration: 2021 - 2025