Typo Belgiëque aims to outline the visual design identity of Belgium in the nineteenth and twentieth century, by undertaking a thorough analysis of recently discovered type material of until now unknown Belgian type foundries, and shed a light on this missing link in the typographic history and identify of Belgium, the Low Countries and Europe. 

By studying historical Belgian typeface families, and exploring possibilities to reconstruct a Belgian visual identity via digital font technologies, a new collection of digital fonts will be designed and developed as an important practical design output of Typo Belgiëque. A unique selection of authentic printing types will be used as the source of inspiration and the ultimate goal is to revive these as digital computer fonts for contemporary use in Belgian publishing and media design. 

These new and exclusive font families will be developed following the most recent variable font technologies, to secure a high level of legibility and optimal use for dynamic, responsive web- & screen typography in every form of digital publication. 

Typo Belgiëque is a two-year practice oriented scientific research project (PWO) at LUCA School of Arts Research unit LABO Pro, which started on February 1st, 2021. More information can be requested via jo.debaerdemaeker@luca-arts.be and www.typobelgieque.be

Research unit: LABOPro

Duration: 2021 - 2023


Jo De Baerdemaeker