Showcase '20: Jong talent in de kijker

Lennert Berx

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Lara Bongard

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Eva Maria Bouillon

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Antia Caldeiro

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Miguel Angel Escobar

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Eline Hellemans

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Zoé Komkommer

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Cami Laureyssens

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Eriya Miura

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Docenten, onderzoekers en kunstenaars

Onze lijst is in opbouw. Je vindt hier alvast een overzicht van onderzoekers. Op termijn wordt deze lijst uitgebreid met docenten en doctorandi.  

Dr. Esther Venrooij

Dr. Frank Maet

Dr. Isolde Vanhee

Dr. Jan Peeters

jan.peeters [at]

Jan Peeters (°1978) is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker. He studied languages and literature, fine art and multimedia at universities and art academies in Ghent, Bergen, Amsterdam and Nice, encountering manifold practices and discourses. In 2014 he obtained a PhD at the University of Leuven with his artistic research on 'reading film' ('leesfilm' in Dutch).
His practice is characterized by multidisciplinarity: he draws, paints, writes, prints, sculpts, designs or films, with a special interest in transgressing and bridging media or genres. He often works at the fringes of media, but also of fiction and non-fiction, and of narrativity. Recurring themes have an existential nature: the landscape, (in)finitude, the human being as a measure of things, contingency.

He co-operates with other artists and writers for his poetry films (e.g. with Paul Bogaert) and documentary films (e.g. Sculture nel tempo (2020) with Dany Deprez). His works were part in exhibitions and festivals in Belgium and abroad. His poetry films were selected at major international poetry film festivals. Today, he is doing research and teaching in the bachelor and master courses in visual arts at LUCA School of Arts (campus Sint-Lucas in Ghent).

Dr. Lut Pil

Dr. Nancy Vansieleghem

Dr. Peter De Graeve

Dr. Tom Van Imschoot

Dr. Volkmar Mühleis


Roeland Hendrikx

Alessandro Cervino

Dré Pallemaerts

Dree Peremans

Maarten Van Ingelgem

Dr. Veerle Van der Sluys

Dr. Nicola Setari

Dr. Liesbeth Decan

Dr. Steven Devleminck

Dr. Wendy Morris

Dr. Roel Vande Winkel

Dr. Pascal Lefèvre

Dr. Greet Billet

Dr. Sandy Claes

Dr. Leen Engelen

Dr. Niels Hendriks

Dr. Steven Malliet

Dr. Carl Van Eyndhoven

Dr. Jeroen D'hoe

Dr. Jos De Backer

Dr. Piet Swerts

Dr. Thomas De Baets