Klaas Verpoest: The shape of time.

Doctoral Project

Klaas Verpoest, PhD in the Arts

The shape of time. A research on abstract narratives in cross-disciplinary performances

In contemporary classical music the duration is fixed and clearly described in the score. Music improvisation, on the other hand, has no defined chronology or end.

In my doctoral research I asses how interactive generative video relates to the musicality and dynamics of cross-disciplinary performances?

Through cross-disciplinary performances, I examine how the relationship between visual language, language, choreographed movement and sound can be redesigned, materialised again in real time and in relation to music? Can working with and altering of interactive generative video during cross-disciplinary performances be used as a method to temporalize the perception across various disciplines on which they can converge in a new narrative?


  • Prof. dr. Mark Delaere (Supervisor, KU Leuven)
  • Dr. Steven Devleminck (Co-supervisor, LUCA)

Research Unit: Intermedia

Duration: 2017-2021

Contact: klaas.verpoest@luca-arts.be