All of LUCA’s Bachelor degree programmes are taught in Dutch and require a very good command of the Dutch language, both spoken and writen. Only our international programmes, mentioned here:, are taught in English and thus open for non-Dutch speaking students.

More information on the required levels of Dutch proficiency and the recognized Dutch language tests can be consulted in our ‘Application and Enrolment’ chapter: .

It’s important to acknowledge that LUCA School of Arts has no Dutch language course in its programme portfolio. Students will always have to look for externally organized Dutch language courses.

Students who are already living in Belgium prior to their application, may want to learn or practice the Dutch language upfront. This can be done in several ways by taking language courses offered by Centres for Adult Education (called ‘CVO’), language support centres like the ‘Huis van het Nederlands’ (Dutch Language House) ( ) or one of Flemish University Language Centres ( which are located in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent or Leuven.

Students who are willing to apply or are applying at one of Flanders’ higher education institutions, but who haven’t reached the required Dutch proficiency yet, may apply for one of the preparatory language programmes organised for non-Dutch speaking students who would like to prepare themselves for their Flemish education. Such a ‘Preparatory Dutch Language Year’ is mainly provided by one of the Flemish University Centres like ILT KU Leuven, Linguapolis Antwerp, ACTO Brussels and UCT Ghent. Applying directly for the Preparatory Dutch Language Year without conditional admission to LUCA may not be possible. More information, please contact