Leen Adam, PhD in the Arts

People with a disability are a target group with its own specific limitations and opportunities which, to this day, remains underexposed. This research project ‘music and mourning in youth with intellectual disabilities’ investigates how musical improvisation and creation can facilitate mourning in youth with moderate intellectual disabilities in a non-residential setting. In this research, mourning relates to loss experiences on a social, cognitive and motor level. The focal point is the musical and mental shaping of the mourning process in a musical creation. This qualitative research is a multiple case study with a participatory co-design: eight adolescents with moderate intellectual disabilities work on a musical creation, together with their siblings. Together with this musical creation, specific interventions that can contribute to the mourning process are explored and developed.


  • Dr. Jos De Backer (supervisor, KULeuven / LUCA)
  • Dr. Katrien Foubert (co-supervisor, KULeuven / LUCA)

Research Unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2020 - 2024