Magno Caliman, PhD in the Arts

Can a composition mindset where the artist is ’permeable’ to the boundaries and impositions of technology, working with and not against them, be indicative of an experimental practice? Is it possible then to think experimental as a search and embracing of this place beyond-frame? It seems one can only grasp the shape of a border,by acknowledging its limits. In essence,my goals are to investigate in the next years, both practically and theoretically:

  • In what terms does technology mediation happens in sound based art?
  • What are the effects and consequences of this mediation for an artist creative process?
  • Is the proposition of an object specific art practice possible
  • How are experimental methods informed by speculating with technology’s limits?

Supervisor: Dr. Carl Van Eyndhoven (KU Leuven / LUCA)

Research unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2020 - 2024