Naomi Bueno de Mesquita, PhD in the Arts

With digital maps on mobile devices we are by default the centre of the world. Our surroundings emanate from us, from a blue dot that sits on the screen. It narrows the attention to the individual’s position and point of view. Furthermore, individuals increasingly alter between the physical and the virtual – they are here and there at the same time – and many withdraw themselves in a so-called "media-cocoon". The impact of these developments on the collective experience of the city and collaborative practices in it is still unclear. How does the use of digital mapping applications on mobile devices affect public spaces and the public realm? The research explores how artists/designers can use digital mapping as a tool or method to study the effects of digital mapping applications and to enable people to participate in the construction of public space and in the debate about public space and public issues.


  • Dr. Veerle Van der Sluys (supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
  • Dr. David Hamers (co-supervisor, University Maastricht)

Research Unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: 2015 - 2020