Research cluster: Design & Technology

The Design & Technology cluster brings together practise based research that is situated at the interplay between design, science and technology. Within the cluster researchers build knowledge within the following themes:

  • The impact of “emerging technologies” on the design/art making process and the changing role of the designer/artist in the creation process and the final  result.
  • Design research into systems that provide alternative insights into human-technology interaction.
  • Design research that starts from systemic thinking (other than a solutionist approach of technology) and positions technology within a social, cultural and spatial context.
  • Research into the elimination of the barriers that users perceive when adapting new technology.
  • Design research that triggers awareness of the impact of "emerging technologies"
  • The role of art and design within STE(A)M projects where STEAM stands for  the interaction between Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics.

Walk Away is a web app in which the user can gradually erase the city’s map by walking its streets. Through walking and using the Walk Away app, the street on the digital map is erased in realtime.

LamiFold, a novel design and fabrication workflow for making functional mechanical objects using a laser cutter.


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