Dear Student,

In case of illness or force majeure during the exams you can notify the Ombuds office by filling out this web form. The examination ombuds person of your course programme will contact you as soon as possible once the form has been submitted.

If during an examination period a student is unable to participate in one or more examinations due to force majeure, he/she must notify the examination ombuds person and submit a valid certificate of absence no later than the third working day after the day of the missed examination. Medical certificates issued by a doctor no later than the day of the illness or the accident, will be accepted as proof of absence. There is no fixed template for such certificates.

A written statement referring to the student’s declaration only (“dixit certificate”) or written after the illness/accident (“post factum certificate”) will be considered invalid. 

(Cfr. Art. 50 of the Onderwijs- en Examenreglement)

(s- or r-number)
Telephone or mobile phone number on which we can reach you.

Here you can upload your certificate of absence. 

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