Onderzoekseenheid Inter-Actions

The research work at Inter-Actions mainly zooms in on research and creation where the relationship between the maker (designer, animator, filmmaker, etc.), the created artefact (film, photographic work, etc.) and the 'audience' (the user, the viewer, etc.) is questioned.

By separating “inter” from “actions”, the unit stresses that its research wants to stimulate people “acting (actions) together (inter)” in cross-disciplinary or participatory set-ups.

The academic orientation of this research guarantees that more fundamental design and artistic research can be performed that does not need to be immediately valorised in the market and thus may lead to unexpected results.

At the same time, the hands-on character of doing applied “design and artistic” research makes their research relevant for cultural, industrial,... professionals.

One of the designs created by the cluster sustainability. This image shows a prototype of a shoe using ‘waste’ of old tires, thus focusing on the ‘circular design’ potential of our environment.

Most researchers, designers and artists active in the research unit are based at Campus C-Mine (Genk).

The research unit comprises 7 research clusters:

  • Care, Empathy & Well-Being
  • Design & Technology
  • Historical contexts
  • Cultural education & participation
  • Meaningful Play
  • Medium Experiment
  • Sustainability

Image from the project NIMBY - part of the sustainability-cluster.


Andrea Wilkinson

Bart Geerts

Carina Erdmann

Christophe Van Eecke

Daniel Halasz

Danny Leen

Gert Wastyn

Ief Spincemaille

Jasper Vrancken

Jim Bollansée

Joery Erna

Jon Stam

Katrien Dreessen

Leen Engelen

Lieke Lenaerts

Niek Kosten

Niels Hendriks

Pablo Calderon

Rita Maldonado Branco

Robby Clerebout

Ronald Clays

Rozan Van Klaveren

Selina Schepers

Steven Lenaers

Steven Malliet

Teis De Greve

Thomas Laureyssens

Varun Sasindran

Virgilio Vasconcelos

Virginia Tassinari

Veerle Van der Sluys

Wim Buts

Yoni Lefévre


Hoofd onderzoekseenheid: niels.hendriks@luca-arts.be